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Charon-Trade Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

4400 Nyíregyháza, Kállói út 85.

 Phone :42/596-660, Fax:42/460-154 e-mail:







We founded this family enterprise in 1994 and then we started to trade with materials for building and illuminating engineering, ferro-technique, and electric light installations in Nyíregyháza.  In addition, we trade with seeds, crop-protection products, agricultural implements and tools.

The central business of the company is still in Nyíregyháza, but we have two provincial shops as well, in Szakoly and in Tiszalök. The collection in these shops is similar to the central place of business, or rather it has been formed according to the demand of the local enterprises, experts and public institutions.

 Apart from the products of Hungarian suppliers, we trade with circa 10,000 products of 8 companies from 5 countries. For several of these products or product lines we are exclusive traders in Hungary.

 One of the most important elements in the company's trade policy is to monitor and serve real market needs.  Due to this customer-oriented approach and our reliable logistical background we have achieved a dominant regional role by now. 

In 2008, we started our countrywide wholesale activity with our products originated from foreign manufacturers - beside our traditional retailer form.